In 2007, the first students would begin graduating from DMLC.  In anticipation of their entrance into the adult world it quickly became evident to parents that just as there once was no school, neither were there adult programs that could adequately serve adults who had the ability to be contributing members of their communities.

Once again FECA came to Devereux New York with the request to partner and in 2008, five young men began boarding vans driven by a job coach in what became the Devereux Adult Program (DAP).   The program day included volunteering at local businesses and non-profits, and recreational activities including trips to the gym and various restaurants for lunch.  By 2010 the program was serving 18 consumers.

Within a few years of operation, however, it became apparent that staffing restrictions made impossible the exploration and acquisition of new volunteer sites.  FECA once again stepped into the void and created the Opportunity Network for Employers and Employees (ONEE) for the purpose of finding new prospects for Devereux and other service providers who faced similar constraints. 

To date, a part time consultant has expanded DAP’s program with eight new diverse sites ranging from Westchester Medical Center to Walgreen’s to a reform temple. 

A second day habilitation provider, the Hawthorne Foundation, is currently underway as well as opportunities for after day hab hours for further community integration.

In addition to the ONEE initiative, FECA has reached out to support other providers serving the increasing autism population.  In 2011 FECA provided Cardinal McCloskey Community Services (CMCS, with a substantial grant to purchase an ABA curriculum from the New England Center for Children (NECC), a nationally recognized program in Massachusetts.