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FECA Board Member Phyllis Lombardi and Son Ring the Bell!

“To be asked by Autism Speaks to represent Westchester County to participate in the Nasdag closing bell ceremony on April 6th was sure an exciting day for the Lombardis?  With  autism diagnosis’ latest  numbers now at an astounding 1 in 59, research is crucial.  Spreading awareness and understanding for the millions of lives impacted by autism continues to be the extraordinary mission of families and organizations such as Autism Speaks and FECA.

Elated at the opportunity, Phyllis Lombardi, our newest FECA board member was positively beaming; literally from the entire side of a building.  “Spreading awareness we did, for goodness sake – you can’t ignore a side of a building and that’s where we were all day  Big as life and shouting out the need for support for families affected by autism.”

Phyllis, a mother of a soon to be graduating adult with autism was joined by her older son Nicholas for the big day.